RLR Strategic Partners is a New York City-based management and strategy consultancy that supports enterprises throughout the wealth management industry.  We work in close collaboration with executive leadership teams, boards of directors and advisory boards to set tangible growth goals, develop high-impact strategies based on these goals, and actively support the implementation of business plans. 

When helpful for broader strategic planning and execution purposes, our senior professionals also serve as board members of the companies that we support. From early stage start-ups to long-established firms, we collaborate closely with business-to-business and consumer-facing enterprises of all sizes, and across all life cycles and models.

While the businesses we partner with are diverse, they all share one thing in common: The ambition to accelerate their growth by helping to fundamentally transform the wealth management space through the positive disruption of traditional legacy structures.


We believe the future of wealth management will be defined by companies that deliver strategies and solutions that leapfrog the current high-cost, low value-add legacy operating and technology structures that characterize much of this industry.

Accordingly, we focus on partnering with companies that offer innovative practices and new technologies with the potential to seamlessly connect firms, financial services professionals and retail consumers of financial services in novel ways.

Towards this end, we can seamlessly integrate strategic planning and execution solutions with access to unique growth resources in the areas of M&A advisory support and growth equity capital.

We deliver access to these growth resources in close alliance with Berkshire Global Advisors, a leading global boutique investment bank focused on M&A for the financial services sector.

Growth Equity Capital
Strategic Planning
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We align strategic planning, execution support for the strategies we develop, access to growth resources and board-level participation with the following types of businesses:

  • Registered investment adviser (RIA) and hybrid advisor aggregators that bring together wealth management professionals, asset managers and consumers in digitally-savvy ways that add sustained value to each of these constituents, beyond traditional ‘margin play’ and transactional business models
  • Private equity firms seeking to successfully enter the wealth management space, expand on an existing presence, or find the best possible transaction partners (both strategic and financial buyers) for the divestiture of portfolio companies within the industry
  • Asset managers that integrate financial advisor-driven as well as direct-to-consumer approaches using the latest technology-driven marketing and communications tools
  • Interactive media companies that focus on creating original, immersive content that uplifts and inspires average consumers to lead financially healthier lives, and engages with consumers on a deeper level through the gamification of retail financial advice
  • Technology providers, with an emphasis on ‘software as a service’ firms that operationalize multiple complex workflow streams, or seamlessly interconnect and fulfill the needs of consumers, wealth management professionals and firms





RLR Strategic Partners works in close association with Berkshire Global Advisors to align clients with a comprehensive array of investment banking solutions to help support the achievement of their strategic goals.

Founded in 1983, Berkshire Global Advisors is an independent investment bank specializing in M&A in the financial services sector.  Headquartered in New York City, the firm also works through partners located in London, Sydney, San Francisco, Denver and Philadelphia.

Long recognized as a leading expert in the wealth management, money management, alternatives, real estate and broker-dealer industries, Berkshire Global Advisors has completed more transactions in these sectors than any other investment bank.





RLR Strategic Partners works closely with Haven Tower Group to align strategic communications, media relations, digital marketing and social media strategies to help support brand elevation for RLR Strategic Partners’ clients.

Haven Tower Group is a strategic public relations, branding and marketing firm that works with businesses across the country in the wealth management and asset management spaces, with a team of dedicated senior professionals that leverages decades of relevant expertise to help its clients stand out from the competition.


Larry Roth is Managing Partner of RLR Strategic Partners, where he works closely with senior management teams and boards of directors across the wealth management space to deliver high-impact strategic growth plans, as well as plan execution support. 

In addition to strategic planning, Mr. Roth also provides comprehensive M&A advisory solutions, delivered in association with Berkshire Global Advisors, a leading global boutique investment bank focused on mergers & acquisitions for the financial services sector. 

With three decades of experience in the wealth management industry, Mr. Roth serves RLR’s clients by leveraging the expertise and relationships built over time as a CEO of some of the largest independent firms in the industry; a current and past Board member of widely respected public and private entities; an investment banker who has structured dozens of value-creating transactions; and an entrepreneur who has personally acquired early-stage retail financial advice businesses, and grown them to achieve highly successful liquidity events.


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